“How did you get here?”  When I was asked that question by a senior leader, I had to take a pause.  I found myself sharing my story of adversity and resilience, and discovering in a new way how I’ve grown through it.  How about you? When was the last time your ‘Happy’ got bumped?  Perhaps your bump felt more like a giant body-slam.  Learning how to be resilient in the face of difficult circumstances is a life skill, one which is integral to your well-being and critical to moving forward.

Tony Schwartz, CEO, and Founder of The Energy Project states that “Machines are valued for their speed, efficiency, and predictability…The assumption in organizations has been that people ought to be able to operate in the same way.  The problem is we can’t.  Unlike machines, human beings are designed to pulse regularly between spending and renewing energy.”

Can you relate?  Could you use a boost in your energy, perspective, and strength to bounce back and live out your purpose?  Often, the demands of life, work, and family can exceed our resources to handle them.  We often feel inundated with messages to do more.  If you are like me, you can feel worn out!  By shifting my paradigm and by prioritizing my own self-care, I believe that I’ll ultimately be more effective.

I’m a realist.  Building a resilience mind-set does not imply that I’m not affected or impacted by the ‘bumps’.  It means I’ve learned how to stay humble, view problems as solvable, and accept the challenge at hand. It means I work on cultivating happiness and gratitude and focus on the things within my control.  It means I focus on building my strengths rather than targeting my weakness.

My goal is to encourage and inspire you to build your own resilience. This investment will fuel you with the capacity to bounce back and make you an even better version of yourself.  Even a pebble-sized impact will ripple out around you, influencing the teams, customers, and communities you serve.

Tammy Smith, RN BSN
Indiana University Health