It’s probably safe to say that organizations with worksite wellness programs have the best of intentions (there are, of course, exceptions). But putting high-quality programs in place and hoping employees participate is not enough. How can we help employees help themselves? While I don’t claim to have all the answers, I do know that tapping into employees’ intrinsic motivation is paramount to wellness program success.

Unfortunately, we’re living in a world where immediate gratification reigns supreme, and most people rely heavily on extrinsic motivation – forces outside of themselves. Like, for example, money.

Knowing money is a strong motivator, at least initially, and that it is a limited resource for nearly all employers, it’s important that organizations have easy ways for uncovering and maximizing the unique drive in each of their employees. And, in so doing, utilizing turnkey solutions will become par for the course.

By discovering what your employees’ motivation truly is, the ability to customize these trademark solutions will come to light. Although you may not have the resources to create wellness programming from scratch, an in-depth understanding of your employees makes it possible to tailor pre-made initiatives to your population.

Megan Miller, MBA, CWPC
Hoosier Energy Wellness Coordinator
First Person Advisors